Cognition Education and Wavelength Learning are supporting MEHRD, as its curriculum development partners, in the ongoing creation of curriculum resources for Solomon Islands’ teachers and learners. Key outcomes of this initiative include:

  • development and publishing of a range of curriculum materials (learner books and teacher guides) for Years 1–10, to be ready for digital and/or print distribution
  • building the skills and knowledge of local writers and developers who will eventually take leadership of both curriculum and professional development
  • crafting curriculum resources that are contextually relevant, authentic, engaging, and promote student-centred learning, while providing clear support for teachers
  • working with MEHRD to re-establish a practical model of curriculum review and quality assurance
  • creating clear links between curriculum and professional development.

Transition to Teach

Initially a four-year Department for Education (DfE) funded national programme to recruit and

train late-career changers. With the specific brief to target those new to teaching and fill key

shortage subject areas, we engaged training providers across the sector and forged strong

industry links to attract, support and mentor inspirational teachers to transform lives.

Such was the strength of our engagement and our programme’s national reach that we

exceeded recruitment targets, delivering quality recruits to greatly raise classroom standards

and improve school performances.