Our expertise

Cognition Education is your partner in education improvement, and offers end-to-end education consultancy services. Through our expertise, Cognition Education supports schools, communities, and state governments to improve teaching and give students the best possible platform to springboard from.

We bring together the brightest minds to inquire, problem solve, invent and achieve the best learning outcomes.

Professional Development 

Our Professional Development team work directly with schools, as well as in state-wide or national contracts, to raise and support student achievement.

We develop customised professional development for teachers and leaders that is research-based and that focuses on a schools’ identified needs.

Cognition has successfully delivered more than 500 professional learning and development contracts in the last decade. We continue to be a key provider for the New Zealand Ministry of Education and are often approached proactively by the Ministry to support schools or communities of schools who have high levels of need.

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professional development services for teachers

Foreign Aid

Working with a range of governments and government agencies, Cognition Education is a trusted education partner in the Pacific Islands.

Our team of consultants are supporting the development of Education in developing contexts, including the Pacific Island’s through curriculum development, upskilling teachers and implementation into the classroom.

While our focus in the Pacific is generally on primary and secondary education, we also engage with non-government and civil society organisations and universities to support the early childhood, technical and vocational and informal education sectors.

We work with local experts to ensure our work is aligned with national social and economic aspirations and embedded in the language, culture and identity of the communities we work with.

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Foreign Aide

System-wide improvement

We understand that challenges in education are complex, and outcomes are often harder to achieve for some groups of learners, with barriers to improvement often deeply entrenched.

Engaging in a system-wide change program works to improve teaching, and supports education systems, networks and communities to see an acceleration in student attendance, engagement, retention, progress and achievement.

Cognition’s approach to system-wide educational improvement focuses on capacity building, collective efficacy and ensuring change is sustainable over the short, medium and long term.

Cognition Education has a proven track record of delivering transformational education reform programmes across Australia with our Collaborative Impact Model (CIP).

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System-wide improvement

Indigenous Education

Increase equality through transforming classroom and leadership practices.

Our team of culturally responsive facilitators work with schools and groups to develop the skills and dispositions known to accelerate progress and achievement for all students, including indigenous and marginalised groups.

Our teaching strategies support voices of all Indigenous Learners to be heard and appreciated. Our work is focused on vocalising culture deep within the learning experience to enable a rich dialogue between teachers and students.

Developed in partnership with Emeritus Professor Russell Bishop, Relationships First is based on more than a decade of research into the ways that classroom power relationships and traditional teaching methods have failed to support indigenous learners.

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Indigenous Education

Teacher Recruitment  

Supporting teacher recruitment and retention by empowering professionals to bring their skills and expertise to the classroom.

Transition to Teach

Our team of highly-skilled education experts facilitate the Transition to Teach programme; an innovative multi-million-pound contract from the UK’s Department for Education designed to support and empower career changers moving into the teaching profession.

The Transition to Teach programme works to identify, promote and support new career opportunities to successful professionals interested in changing their careers. By providing bespoke advice and guidance, a supportive network and career development planning, the programme helps participants to realise their professional ambitions and contributes to the recruitment and retention of teachers across England.

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National Tutoring Programme

In 2022, Cognition began work on the National Tutoring Programme.

Developed as part of the Government’s ambitious COVID recovery plan, the National Tutoring Programme is supporting pupils across England to get back on track following the disruption caused by the pandemic. Over two million courses have been started through the National Tutoring Programme, including almost 1.8 million so far during the 2021-22 academic year.

Cognition’s contribution will be to oversee the recruitment of well-qualified people to work as academic mentors and deploy them to schools that are most in need of additional in-class tutoring resource.

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